Version 2Welcome to The Island Well!

My name is Nancy Grice, and I created The Island Well as place of expression and connection with others.

I live in Harpswell, Maine and Southland, New Zealand. I hold a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and a BFA in Painting.  I currently spend most of my time writing, painting, gardening, cooking (or thinking about doing those things) and otherwise enjoying friends and family. I am learning to navigate the challenges of nurturing connections and feeling at home in two places at the opposite sides of the planet.

I design and host retreat programs that bring imaginative people together into reflective gatherings in special places. I also have developed a new Mandala Painting workshop that can be offered in various surroundings and can be enjoyed by anyone. I believe we are “spiritual beings having a human experience” and as such, we need the time and space to share our stories and be inspired by others. We also crave a deep connection to nature and the beautiful world we share. In this way we heal, re-energize and inspire.


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