How I ended up on the other side of the world

It’s been exactly a year since I wrote my last post. A year ago today I was settling in to my new home in Maine; my husband and I were trying to design a new life and meaningful work. We were establishing a new office downtown while literally re-working the land around our house; planting gardens and making this place our home. So how did I end up living on the other side of the planet?

We had often talked about some day moving part-time to New Zealand, where two of our children had settled and were establishing families. How we could do that was a mystery, and didn’t seem practical or even possible. We both have dear family and friends in the States, and I love my new spot on the coast of Maine. But on the other hand, I hate the cold winters. So I would jokingly say that some day, who knows when, we would live in NZ in the winter and in Maine in the summer.

Then we had a month in which everything we knew went through radical shape shifting, as if our lives had been thrown in a blender and the switch was turned on high. Continue reading “How I ended up on the other side of the world”

Back to the well

Today heralds a full lunar eclipse, and the buzz everywhere is that we are in a time of great energetic intensity and transformation. I am using the gift of this cosmic influx to power me back to this page, where I have longed to be. It’s been over three months since I posted last.  Since January tenth I have travelled through a mash-up of major life transitions and events, including selling our old home, packing and moving, unpacking and settling, becoming official residents of a different state, finishing my master’s degree, travelling to New Zealand and back and, along with my husband, laying the groundwork to open a new wellness practice. Phew.


   Funny, isn’t it, how outside events can mirror inner transformations? This week we had a new well drilled on our property. The process was a huge success: they hit a terrific vein of water, a best possible outcome. It pretty much “ruined” our lawn, but that’s OK. The new well is the first part of a bigger project of major site work we are beginning. Because of necessary shoring up of an eroding embankment behind our house, we have to rework much of the landscape to add stability and make it more usable. I intend to transform all the old neglected lawn and unkempt surroundings into gardens and a woodland path. I am looking forward to sharing some of this transformation as it progresses. Here is the first photo showing the new wellhead, surrounded by the spewed stone dust, and placed pretty much smack in the middle of what was our miserable yard.


If things go as we hope, soon some heavy equipment will be rolling in and pretty much destroying what is there now in preparation for the new. It opens up such possibilities– new stability, new foundations, and new paths to tread — and for these I am grateful.