Ten Reasons Why I’m Not Going To Quit These Blogging/Writing Courses Even Though I Decided To An Hour Ago

  1. I am really just running into that wall of old brain fog that arises when I feel exposed.
  2. It’s just some annoying and unhelpful form of social anxiety.
  3. It’s a type of perfectionism and it’s a hang up.
  4. I freak out when I am challenged to write something quickly and it might not be fabulous yet.
  5. Maybe I’m anxious that I’m in a developing form, not yet perfect.
  6. It would actually be horrible to be someone who’s perfect.
  7. I don’t even want to be perfect; it’s boring and ridiculous.
  8. A perfect person would be mythological and doomed to fall, which would be actually interesting to read about!
  9. Didn’t I join this program to grow? If it didn’t feel a bit uncomfortable, it would be worthless.